The Healthy Cowboy Kitchen

When my dad was eating a very strict diet for his cancer he would crave foods with lots of flavor- which a lot of "health foods" lack. So, I set out to make him food that was very good for him yet didn't leave his tastebuds in the dust...and he loved it.  The Healthy Cowboy Kitchen had gotten its start.

My favorite part of each week was spending a few hours at the market on Saturday morning with my husband, visiting our vendor friends and getting great deals on local, organic produce. I wanted to be part of that community and thought the farmer's markets would be the perfect fit for what I wanted to sell - whole, organic, delicious food made of real ingredients. That was how we started and now we offer our food through deliveries and pick-ups.

For a menu sample and more details please check-out our How To Get Our Food page or call or email today!

Not in southern California and want a taste of our bone broth or other goodies? Contact us and we'll arrange to ship you some good eats!