How To Get Our Food

We're moving on to different adventures!  We hope to see you again and if we don't - thanks for four wonderful years of providing healthy meals for you and family ♥ For a look at the start of our new project please visit our Facebook page for Good Patriot

All of our food is:
  • 100% organic
  •  gluten-free
  •  made with local produce whenever possible
  •  made from scratch in small batches
  •  our eggs, dairy, and meat are all pastured/fed on their natural diet (and mostly from local producers)

A small sampling of our menu...

Bone Stock (aka bone broth) - around here we use the term bone stock and bone broth interchangably. Flavor and nutrient-rich bone broths should be a staple in every one's kitchen. They're perfect for many savory recipes that call for a broth, stock, or water. Ours are slow-cooked on the stove for over 40 hours! Not only does a good stock add an abundance or flavor, but bone broth is extremely healing to the gut and nurturing to our bodies.  We sell it frozen by the quart and currently offer both beef broth and chicken broth to our Orange County families.

Raw Energy Bars - a Healthy Cowboy staple item that keeps dozens of fans coming back every week. Our bars have a nut-base for great protein and healthy fat content, are sweetened with local California dates,  packed with raw seeds, and come in awesome flavor combinations. We even soak our almonds so they're more nutritious and easier to digest.  Current flavors: "lime/coconut," "lemon/ginger," "orange/cranberry/cinnamon," "Kitchen Sink Superfood Bar" "chocolate banana" and our seasonal "pumpkin/spice"

Raw Coconut Fudge - are these little rich bites good! Each piece, molded to perfection, is filled with the nourishing fat of organic raw coconut and the enzymes, nutrients, and sweetness of real raw honey. Flavors are updated frequently. Examples include: lemon vanilla, roasted almond, peanut butter filled chocolate.

Kombucha Tea - a fermented beverage made from black tea - full of living enzymes, probiotic bacteria and beneficial acids. It has a light effervescence that takes away unhealthy soda cravings and the nutritional make-up of the tea is known for its detoxifying qualities. Great for sipping throughout the day or first thing in the morning to get the day started off right.