About this blog...

Years ago, my dad's cancer diagnosis started me on a journey to discover the answer to these two questions:

"why is everyone getting sick?" and
"what can we do about it?"

I've found some very interesting, enlightening, frustrating, and exciting things along the way, and my passion is to help people understand the overwhelming world of healthy living. Most people have the desire to live a healthy lifestyle, but don't actually do it because it's too overwhelming and they don't know where to start. So, I've designed this blog to help us learn and change one small step at a time.

Here, you will find a few different types of posts:
  • Simple Tips : little steps that can make big changes in your body. These are designed to be simple and to the point, but not to be taken lightly. Most will have links to areas of deeper insight if you desire to know more.
  • Movie and Book Reviews: a big part of my ongoing health education is learning from documentaries and books. I've found these resources invaluble and hope to peak the desire in you to build part of your own health database through these sources. What's easier than watching a movie?
  • Recipes: food is our fuel, but it was also meant to be enjoyed. I will be sharing recipes that are great for our bodies and are easy transitions to "clean" eating from the world of processed food.
  • General Health Info: these articles include facts I believe everyone should be aware of and hopefully will include info that makes you want to know more about what is really going on in the world of health and food
Congratulations on already completing one step: having the desire for change. I encourage you to keep going and hope to be your ally along the way. I know that God created us to live and feel a certain way - great. Anything less, and we are missing out. Let's find out what He intended for us all along, together.