Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Beautiful food delivered to your OC doorstep

Meet my new friend Nicole Hellendoorn. She's the owner of California Paleo Kitchens, a Orange County delivery service that specializes in making meals that are not only deliciously healthy but beautiful as well. 

We know that there is a lot of time, work and money involved in eating a real food diet. Things get especially hard when there's a food allergy and once loved ingredients are no longer in your fridge's ingredient line-up. There have been many nights when the thought of having to come up with something gluten-free AND dairy free for my family has been daunting after a long day at work - or just a long day period. 
 Imagine you're having one of those evenings (or mornings or afternoons!) and you get this in your inbox...

Each meal is meticulously prepared with fresh, organic, whole ingredients by Nicole and her experienced chefs in a designated gluten-free kitchen. The food is always gluten, grain, soy, dairy and refined sugar free. Not only that but she can also tailor make your meals upon request to accommodate your specific allergy.  

These meals are designed to be delicious, seasonal, colorful, health-promoting and FUN. As Nicole says, "if you don't love what your eating, what's the point?"

Ordering is simple and quick. She emails a menu every Tuesday at 12pm and you have a few days to place your order. The payment part of things is built in so everything is taken care of right then and there. The following Monday your order is delivered to your door or you also have the option of picking it up at one of three locations - Santa Ana, Laguna Beach or Lake Forest. 

Let's envision how this makes life better. 
Your tired. The last thing you want to do is put junk into your body so getting something from a fast-food joint is out of the question. You don't want to cook - or do dishes. You open the fridge and see a stack of prepared meals. A "Strawberry Fields" chicken salad, Indonesian Curry, roasted chicken and even a sweet little treat for later - all ready to go. Have mercy. Your day just got a whole lot better. 

You can sign-up to receive California Paleo Kitchen's menu each week here

Have you ever wished you had someone like Nicole in your own kitchen - preparing you meals for the week? Done. She can do that too.  Private chef menus are completely customized to suit your palate, allergies and preferences. Meals are prepared in your kitchen or hers, to suit your every whim. It's also great for larger families, those with specific allergen issues or health concerns, or for anyone who wants to treat themselves to a full fridge and a spotless kitchen (the thought of that almost brings tears of joy to my eyes). Want to give someone an amazing gift? How about a week of not having to cook or do dishes?!

Maybe you're just beginning your real food journey and need some help navigating it all. Nicole can assist you with that too. With coaching, you work with her one on one to identify what's keeping you from your healthiest diet and where to make adjustments. She will also teach you how to meal prep and help you stay accountable. You can learn more about these services here. 

With so much to do in life, it's nice to know there's someone out there that can cover you when it comes to taking care of your diet. I'm so grateful there's a service like California Paleo Kitchens in our neighborhood that gives us the option and the pleasure of receiving healthy food right on our doorsteps.  

I encourage you to order some of Nicole's food this week and experience it for yourself. You deserve a great meal and a little break ;)

Sign-up for the menu here.
Check out her website for more details.